Cartier Santos Skeleton Skeleton ADLC “Noctambule” cheap replica watch, the size is “large”. This means that the diameter is 39.8 mm and the size between the lugs is 47.5 mm. Noctambule’s shell is 9.8mm thick, thanks in part to the curved profile of the Santos shell. With QuickSwitch simple strap replacement system. A short video presentation is embedded above.

The three-piece case of the high quatily replica watch is made of stainless steel coated with ADLC coating. It has stronger scratch resistance than traditional PVD coating. If you do scratch, use traditional PVD coating in the wrong way. they. With a water resistance of 100 meters, Noctambule is provided with a black and gray alligator leather strap.

The front of the top replica watch is covered with a unique domed sapphire crystal. A deep and smooth black polished line runs along the upper profile of the Santos case, while the sides and top of the case have a clear brushed surface. The huge crown guard is an interesting element on the skeletonized luxury replica watch, as is the black crown with blue spinel.

The center of the AAA replica watch dial and the very thin edges of the numbers are brushed in the vertical direction. This delicate design is really painful. In other words, the overall skeleton and the movement itself have a unique machined appearance, which can be said to be further enhanced by the black-out high-tech design.

The hands of the perfect replica watch are steel swordsmen, which sounds cool. Their edges have bright polished edges with black luminescent material. Their background, namely the dial and bridge of the Cartier 9612 MC movement, have undergone thorough skeletalization, which frees them from the use of various disposable materials, and only retains the complete and typical large Cartier replica watches’ Roman numerals. .