The pursuit of perfection is a career doomed to failure. Take the production of the bestwatch.sr as an example. It is the watchmaker’s vision to create an ideal watch that is completely free of technical and aesthetic defects, defects or shortcomings. Unfortunately, this will never happen. But when you change the perspective from the creator to the audience, perfection is perceptible. Some people hear Bach’s perfection, see it in Michelangelo’s statue, or experience it when playing solo in tanks Cartier replica watches. This experience can lead to strong feelings, even love. Let’s try to find out why you can’t help falling in love with Replica Cartier tanks.

Cartier tank replica watch was designed by Louis Cartier at the end of World War I. This is an unconventional design that pursues perfect and pure lines. Did Louis Cartier use the famous golden ratio in his revolutionary watch design? I don’t know, but what I know is that the golden ratio is a mathematical ratio that can be found not only in man-made objects such as buildings and paintings, but also in nature.

Cartier Tank Replica Watches

Why can’t you help falling in love with Cartier tank Replica Watches

Let’s do a mathematical calculation on the single version of this large Cartier tank replica watch to see if we can find the golden ratio. To do this, we divided the longer part of the tank (34.8mm (a)) by the smaller part (27.4mm (b)). The result is 1.270. This number should be equal to the sum of (a) + (b) divided by (a). This results in 34.8 + 27.4 = 62.2. Divide by 34.8 to get 1.787. As you can see, two different numbers. This is not the “winning number” of the golden ratio of 1.618. But perhaps this result is close enough to the human brain to make people feel that the tank solo is pleasing to the eye, just like what the golden ratio touches.

But the beauty of a watch is not just defined by numbers. There is also the use of materials and graphic elements, and of course, there is a clearer brand awareness.

Cartier Tank Replica Watches

Cartier Tank Solo Replica Watches

When we started with the basic components of Cartier’s tank solo replica watches, there was no exception. There are steel and leather, which are probably the most exciting materials. There is a blue sapphire circle on the crown. Graphic elements – the black Roman numerals on the clean white dial and the name Cartier stand out – give this watch a highly recognizable appearance.

The face immediately said without hesitation, “Cartier replica”. This is the moment when replica Cartier’s tank solo can surpass the sum of its parts. This is because, in an almost perfect proportion, “tank solo” tells a visual story of luxury, fame and culture. The more you believe and like to listen to this story, the more you like the appearance of your copy watch. It’s even possible that your liking for it will become your liking for it.

Cartier Replica Watches

The untouchable Tank Replica Watches

According to the terminology of the story, the tank solo, or any Fake Cartier tank, is a long feuilleton. The story begins in 1917, when Louis Cartier presented a rectangular watch to Pershing, an American general, whose shape was inspired by the new Renault tank copy active on the western front.

Over time, the shape of the tank on the wrist has evolved and new models have been introduced, but its essence has remained the same. When you see a shape more than a century old, it becomes familiar. Cartier tanks became an untouchable object. This is a watch that transcends taste and preference. Its provenance and elegance are indisputable. In fact, you may not really like this watch, which doesn’t matter. The tank also goes beyond the question of whether it is formal or informal. That’s what Cartier tanks are – they can’t be touched at all. So you can wear anything; I think it’s a great style statement to combine the sneakers and tank solos replica of the vans era.

Cartier Tank Replica Watches

Here are the answers

The final answer to why you can’t help falling in love with Cartier tanks replica watch is a combination of many factors. First, because tanks are mathematically close to perfection. With the passage of time, the unconventional and revolutionary shape of the tank has become a familiar and comfortable scene for people; This is an expression of style and taste, as well as a subtle expression of luxury and status. In addition, tanks are regarded as the wrist of the world’s most influential figures – film stars, royalty, fashion designers and artists. It makes the tank an inspiring and desirable watch. That’s why you can’t help liking Replica Cartier tanks.