This shape of the watch (any non-circular) is a Cartier Replica innovation, it is part of its creative heritage, like the panther motif, or the watch itself – the first watch in history, Cartier Santos is square. In 2015, the brand started to revisit its watch of the shape, a year later launched a platinum version of the Crash watch, a year later launched a pink gold watch. Last year, it re-enabled the square Panthers – which had been discontinued in the early 2000s – with a brand new sport and a slightly improved bracelet. In January of this year, Cartier again visited with a new model and introduced four new works in most of the oval cases of the Baignoire series. These new models are part of the Libre series. In addition to the new collision, all contain quartz movement.

The accident, which was launched in 1967, has been fragmented by the remnants of the guest’s box, with a view to the intense car accident. Watch is a popular interpretation of surrealistic art. This is a re-examination of the collection as a woman in the early 1990’s and 1990. In 2015, this was considered a low-yield producer of crash skeletons, a penetration-type production campaign designed to accommodate distorted shapes. The new crash Radieuse will crash to the next level, seemingly crumpled cases and dials with almost invisible Roman numerals. The case is gold, which contains hand-crafted caliber 8970 MC. This is a limited edition number 50.

Baignoire Debordante was designed as a starburst, openwhite golden spike from the center of an oval dial. The stems are both diamond and black spinel before and after the spine, while the spinel is mainly at the top and bottom ends. This watch has a limited edition of 50 pieces and includes a quartz movement.

Baignoire Infinie is a four-layer concentric circle radiating from the center dial. These rings are randomly set with baguette diamonds, white mother-of-pearl, black tahitian pearl and black spinel. The circle seemed cut off at the edge. This movement is quartz, it is limited to 20 fragments.

This is a jewelery watch made of a delicate bracelet made of small round and square cut stones, set randomly in an openworks link structure. On the east-west oval box dial, the square shape of the gemstone is repeated with a row of white diamonds on top and a row of black spinels below. 18k white gold bracelet set with diamonds and black spinel. The movement is quartz, which is limited to 15 fragments.

This is Cartier’s iconic Roman numerals, criss-cross in the east-west oval dial. They are painted black ADLC, in sharp contrast with the white dial. Framed with white diamonds. The movement is quartz, which is limited to 50 pieces.

Of course, these are the limited edition Best Cartier Replica Watches women’s works, the price is above. $ 40,700 for a crash plane, $ 43,200 for Baignoire Interdite, $ 82,500 for Baignoire Debordante, $ 100,000 for Baignoire Infinie and $ 209,000 for Cartier Baignoire Etoilee.