Cartier Replica Santos
Cartier Replica Santos

Okay, the time has come. It’s finally time for me to choose and tell you about my “go anywhere, do anything” replica watch. I tried to postpone this decision because I found it difficult to make. After all, I think wearing different cartier replica watches on the wrist is required for different occasions. That’s why I and many others not only own one watch, but also have various types of watches. But if I had to choose my only GADA watch, it would be my multi-functional Cartier replica Santos Galb é e XL reference 2823.

The other replica watches I have in my collection is replica Rolex Explorer 114270. Due to the difficulty in choosing between these two replica watches, I even asked you, dear Flatley, to help me. But the outcome of that confrontation did not help me much. At present, the public opinion survey below the article still remains at 51-49%. Admittedly, Santos is currently leading, but I don’t think we can determine a clear winner. Therefore, in the end, it is still me who makes the final judgment here. Purely because replica Santos suits my style, I can only choose it as my GADA replica watch.

Surprisingly versatile

Whenever someone asks me which watch I like best, I always tell them it’s replica cartier Santos. As I mentioned in the subtitle, it perfectly blends sportiness, elegance, and comfort. The same fusion well describes my overall style. I often wear jeans paired with an Oxford shirt and semi formal shoes or sneakers. I think Santos works very well in this atmosphere. Of course, I hope it matches my style. That’s why I bought it. But I never thought it would be such a versatile replica cartier watch.

I have always believed that Cartier replica is one of the more formal brands. Many Cartier watches are made of precious metals and worn on leather straps. Of course, the iconic Roman numerals are not what I call “leisure”. But the Santos watch comes with an almost integrated stainless steel bracelet and a sturdy case. This is almost like the Cartier version of a luxury replica watches. It is elegant when needed, but it is also capable of handling many different situations.

It stands out in a great way

I have worn this replica watch almost everywhere during weddings, offices, outings, vacations. I never thought it looked inappropriate. Even on its bracelet, I still feel that it can handle more formal settings. This is because its square and Roman numerals on the silver dial make it look formal enough. Even if it does stand out a bit, it still stands out in a positive and elegant way. This is also due to its fit on my 17cm wrist.

In my opinion, its size is just right. Similarly, due to its flat side, it looks very sporty, so its toughness is just right for me. But its thickness is also less than 10 millimeters, so it never feels too much or annoying. Due to the distance from the lug to the lug being approximately 45 millimeters, and the way the well crafted bracelet is wrapped around my wrist, it sometimes looks more like a bracelet than a watch. In addition, besides looking great, the Santos Galb é e is also one of my most comfortable replica watches.

I know it should be able to withstand pressure equivalent to 100 meters underwater. I even replaced the gasket recently, so I’m not afraid to bring it near any water source. However, due to its loose crown, I feel that diving with it is not comfortable enough. Perhaps I should check its pressure and see if it can handle it. I think I will have my watchmaker do this next time they repair it. But before that, I would pick it off every time I went swimming.

So, will this disqualify the Cartier replica Santos Galb é e XL from becoming my GADA watch? I don’t think so. I will still take my Santos on vacation. I just don’t wear it when swimming. In fact, I would go swimming with my explorer, but I just think Santos is more like ‘me’, so that’s why I like it.

What do you think? I don’t think Santos is your typical GADA watch, but does it mean anything to you? Please let me know in the comments below.